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You can find some answers to common questions about Ashwapet and Ashwagandha below. For delivery and returns info, please click on the relevant menu link. And for anything else, feel free to get in touch. We'll try and help as fast as we can.

Is Ashwapet safe? Are there any side effects?

Stomach upset is the only reported side effect of Ashwagandha and it is rare. There is also a possibility of miscarriage in pregnancy if Ashwagandha is ingested so it should not be fed to pregnant animals.

The risk of side effects can be minimised by using the correct dosage:

Small dog/cat - up to 10 kg - half capsule daily

Medium dog - 10 to 20 kg - one capsule daily

Large dog - 20 to 40 kg - 1.5 capsules daily

V Large dog - over 40 kg - two capsules daily


How do I give Ashwapet to my dog or cat? And when shouldn't I? 

Ashwapet is easy to dose. Just open the capsule and sprinkle the powder over your pet's food. The unique blend is highly palatable. Some dogs will even eat the unmixed powder!

However, you should not give your dog or cat Ashwapet if they are pregnant as this may induce miscarriage. Always consult your veterinary surgeon before administering any new product to your pet or pets.

What makes Ashwapet different?

Ashwapet has been carefully blended to include Brewers' Yeast to improve palatability. This is why it has been difficult to feed pets human Ashwagandha - they tend to turn their noses up at it! 

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